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Achieve Peak Mental Performance

Top athletes and business executives work hard in their sport or job to climb to the top, yet most individuals do not actively train their mental and emotional resiliency skills. This leaves a crucial component of peak performance untrained and untouched. At Champions Mindset Inc., we make it easy for top performers in their fields to access the foremost performance training technology, techniques, and programs in the world. Whether you want to improve your decision making, memory, sustained attention, or your ability to stay composed under pressure, Champions Mindset Inc. have customized programs for you and or your organization. We would love to meet you and give you the tools you need to get an edge over the competition.


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Improve Your Mental Performance

Champions Mindset offers a unique experience, tailored specifically to each individual client that comes to us. Whether you are an athlete of any age or skill level, a business executive, performing artist or anyone else looking to optimize their mental performance, we will work with you to ensure that our program is customized to best meet your needs. We offer a multidisciplinary combination of different approaches to help you perform at your best!

Brain Training For Athletes

Your peak performance experience at Champions Mindset is designed by Registered  Psychologist, Mr. John Stevenson. John offers over 30 years of expertise working with NHL goaltenders, Olympic athletes, and top Business executives. His mental skills coaching program will teach you to stay relaxed and confident under pressure, maximize focus, tune out distractions, manage difficult thoughts and emotions, and much more.

In addition to peak performance coaching, Champions Mindset makes use of the latest in neurocognitive training technology. Our recently opened Perceptual-Cognitive Training Centre offers programs from Neurotracker, Senaptec, Reflexion, and Vizual Edge. Perceptual-Cognitive training has been proven to boost focus, brain processing speed, memory, visual cognition, executive functioning, and more. These training programs offer a variety of settings, and allow us to target the specific aspects of your cognitive functioning that you would like to improve either at our office or from the convenience of your home. 

By combining tried and true forms of mental performance coaching, along with the newest emerging technology, Champions Mindset addresses your needs from a variety of perspectives. We are constantly researching new techniques, strategies, and programs to ensure we are properly equipped to help you achieve your goals.

Peak Performance Unlock Your Potential

Do you want to improve your attention, situational-awareness, and decision-making capabilities? Do you want to see significant improvements in your brain processing speed, alertness, memory, creativity, reaction times, spatial/motor skills?

Using revolutionary sports science technology in the areas of mindfulness, biofeedback, breathwork, & perceptual-cognitive training we can develop your mental resilience and allow you to achieve consistent peak performance.