John Stevenson

John Stevenson 

M.A., M.A.C.P, Registered Psychologist, Owner/Director of Champions Mindset

John has been a Registered Psychologist for the past 17 years. He did his undergraduate work at St. Francis Xavier in Antigonish, Nova Scotia and received his Master’s degree in Sports Psychology from York University in Toronto, Ontario and his second Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from City University in Edmonton, Alberta. He has worked as a Sports Psychologist and Executive Coach for the past 15 years.  John works with athletes and teams across all sports at every level, from Professional & Olympic caliber right down to amateur level competitors. He specializes in helping athletes snap out of slumps, overcome fears and blocks, and perform to their potential.

John has received extensive training Perceptual-Cognitive Training, Sports Mindfulness Training, and Breathwork Training to optimize the health and well-being of his clients. He uses breakthrough methods that teach his clients to become self-reliant and gets them unstuck and back on track, performing at their best and enjoying their competition. He trains athletes’ minds, teaching them practical skills that can be used immediately in their sports and other areas of their life.  He also works with performing artists, sales & business people, public speakers, and students to optimize their performance levels.

John believes in collaborating and working in partnership with his clients. John strives to ensure all of his clients feel safe, respected, supported, and understood while working on goals and sharing challenges and concerns.  John values the client’s need to be heard, respected, supported, and given a safe space to uncover their skills and strengths. John structures his sessions and home practice in a manner that promotes and fosters a team atmosphere so that the clients can actively achieve their goals in a quick and efficient manner. Together, my clients and I come to the solutions that allow them to grow, move forward or overcome what challenges them.

John has worked with a wide variety of organizations, individuals, and athletic teams, to improve their performance. Business clients (Chartered Accountants of Alberta, Atco, University of Alberta, Hockey Alberta, Alberta Environment, The Canadian Military, L’ Arche Canada, RCMP,   Aquatic Invasive Species Operations/Canine Program Alberta Environment and Parks), Performing Artists ( Royal Winnipeg Ballet, Highland Troops, Highland Dancers), and Athletes (U sports Golfers, U Sports Volleyball, U Sports Track and Field, U Sports Football, U Sports Hockey, U Sports Soccer, Ottawa Senators, Edmonton Oilers, Saskatoon Blades, Kootenay Ice, Prince Albert Raiders, Equestrian riders, Judo, Squash, Table Tennis, Cross Country, Soccer, Baseball, Archery, and Pistol Shooters ) have all benefited from Johns expertise. John was the Mental Performance Consultant for Team Alberta for the 2015 Canada Winter Games.

In my personal life, I have rekindled my passion for being outdoors and my love for camping and hiking in the mountains. I am an avid participant in the Wim Hof Method, and I am exhilarated to do my breathwork, meditation, and cold exposure training in the beautiful lakes, rivers, and streams across the mountain terrain of Alberta and British Columbia.

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