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At Champions Mindset, we specialize in providing access to cutting-edge performance training technology, techniques, and programs tailored specifically for golfers.

Whether you aspire to improve your decision-making abilities on the course, enhance your memory for strategic shot placements, maintain sustained attention throughout your game, or cultivate composure under pressure, our customized programs are designed to empower you and elevate your golfing performance. We are passionate about helping you gain a competitive edge over fellow golfers.

Golf is a game that demands full commitment and concentration for every shot. As you progress to higher-stakes matches and tournaments, your mental strength becomes increasingly crucial.

Being able to manage your emotions, trust yourself, and stay focused in the present moment gives you a significant advantage over your opponents.

Unfortunately, many players get caught up in the pressure, fearing mistakes and second-guessing themselves. This fear mindset leads to overthinking and missed opportunities.

We specialize in working with golfers to unlock their full potential and master the mental aspect of the game. Our focus areas include:

Golfers can experience the loss of focus and nervousness in critical moments. Often leading to a decline in concentration, causing golfers to overlook crucial factors necessary for executing a good shot. When the stakes are low, shots may flow effortlessly on the practice range, but when the constraints of competitive play come into play, we can lose the ability to play freely. Instead of selecting a shot and committing to it, we tend to focus on avoiding the shots we don’t want to hit at all costs

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Golf is a mentally demanding game and places a significant emphasis on maintaining composure throughout an extended period of play. As golfers traverse the course, they spend hours in solitude, accompanied solely by their own thoughts and emotions. This environment presents a unique challenge, as it can lead players to either become overly relaxed or excessively tense, succumbing to the pressures of the game. Moreover, it’s all too common for golfers to lose focus on the present moment, either by mentally jumping ahead to future holes or prematurely dismissing an entire round due to a few unfavorable outcomes.

How we help:
our approach is centered around cultivating strategies and routines that foster self-awareness of our thoughts and the ability to recognize when they stray off track. While golfers can be susceptible to negative external influences, our objective is to empower players to leverage their environment and capitalize on every round and situation. To achieve this, we equip golfers with a range of tools and concepts that facilitate acceptance of the present circumstances and enable them to refocus their attention on the present moment.


By incorporating these mental strategies into their practice and play, golfers can enhance their mental game, improve focus and concentration, manage emotions effectively, and develop a positive mindset that contributes to consistent performance on the golf course.

Meet your coach

John Stevenson, the Owner/Director of Champions Mindset, is a highly experienced Registered Psychologist specializing in golf. With dual Master’s degrees in Sports Psychology and Counseling Psychology, and 17 years of professional expertise, John has successfully assisted golfers at all levels in overcoming slumps, fears, and performance blocks to achieve their full potential on the course.

With comprehensive training in Perceptual-Cognitive Training, Sports Mindfulness Training, and Breathwork techniques, John equips golfers with the tools to optimize their mental well-being and performance. His breakthrough methodologies empower golfers to become self-reliant, break through barriers, and discover their peak performance while thoroughly enjoying the game. Together, you and John will work to strengthen your mental game and unlock your true potential, ensuring success on the golf course.

Take the first step towards a champion’s mindset by scheduling a Peak Performance session with John Stevenson today. Embark on a journey of growth and transformation to reach new heights in your golfing journey.