“My son is a goaltender and has been working with John and his team at Champions Mindset for almost two years now. The training and coaching my son has received has made such a huge difference in his confidence and skill set. John cares so much about the success of his clients that he spent the evening before my sons Brick tryouts preparing him for the experience. My son was happy to be chosen for Team Brick Alberta and we owe John a huge thank you for his success.”

“Champions Mindset worked very well for me. They designed many drills in focus to catch me up and get me ready for my coming football season. Each day they had different exercises in efforts for me to do better in the skills I didn’t test too well on at the start. After each session I left feeling far more awake and ready for the day. Like a shot of nespresso. I’m very thankful for what Champions Mindset has done for me and my brother!”