Mental Toughness Training for Goaltenders

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The Perceptual-Cognitive and Mental Game Coaching Program for Goaltenders offered by Champions Mindset not only prepares and allows its clients to face and overcome the many challenges that can often threaten their career. Some common examples are: a lack of goalie coaching, negative comments and behaviors from the head coach, getting pulled, getting traded, getting injured, dealing with a major illness or sickness, not getting played, losing championship games, playing on a last place or poor defensive team, hostile crowds, getting cut from teams, death of family member, friend or teammate, bullying or negative comments from your teammates.

Develop Mental Toughness

Yet these events can teach valuable life skills such as focus, visualization, self-control, work ethic, discipline, and persistence that can be used in the classroom, obtaining their driver’s license, improving relationships with peers or family members, or dealing with the many challenges that life inevitably hands everyone. Goaltender’s participating in this program will learn these key mental skills by developing daily breathwork, mindfulness meditation, and mental rehearsal practice in their mental gym.

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Process Information Faster

Why do I make such a bold statement? Simply put, the senses dominate brain function. With 80% of sensory information coming in through our eyes, the condition of an athlete’s visual system is directly related to their performance on the ice. It’s no coincidence that the most successful hockey players in the world possess superior visual skills.

For example, the latest research from the leading cognitive-perceptual training companies in the world not only demonstrates that there are significant differences between an amateur goaltender and pro goaltender with regard to visual skills and brain processing speed but also between the backup and the starting goaltender. More importantly, however, in my opinion, is the research that demonstrates that these skills can be significantly improved within a reasonably short period of time. With the advent of this type of training, goalies can now really train their brains and eyes to process and see the subtle things that they need to be paying attention to at much faster rates than ever before.

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Mental training for athletes

Learn To Regulate Emotions

At the end of the day, I believe my job as a Goaltending Coach and Mental Performance Consultant is to empower each client with tools they will use for their entire lives. The program is designed to teach my students, regardless of their age or level, to become self-reliant and mentally resilient, allowing them to self-regulate themselves to be happy, healthy, and strong.