Perceptual-Cognitive Training

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Across amateur and pro sports, Perceptual-Cognitive/Vision training is fast-becoming the latest way to get an edge over the competition. Most athletes are not aware that there are a lot of drills and exercises that they can do at home and at the competition site to develop and prepare their brain, eyes and body to effectively and efficiently “read” and process the play at faster rates. The visual system plays a vital role in athletic performance.

The Performance Loop

Track Moving Objects Faster

A top-level player must be able to track the flow of a game in order to make critical in-game decisions and react effectively to the changing situation. This involves identifying multiple moving objects (players) and then tracking them to follow and predict the game as it evolves. It has been shown that the difference between elite and sub-elite players of team sports is minimal in terms of strength and fitness levels but large in their ability to effectively read a game, process the information, and make effective decisions. For example, it is widely noted that in the NHL, Wayne Gretzky was neither the biggest nor fastest player on the ice, but he excelled at being at the right place at the right time through reading play with supreme effectiveness.

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